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Opening my Kloset to you, I find and share social accounts, websites, apps, people, and places that inspired my style and can hopefully inspire you to Find Your Inner Fashionista!
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Fashion Apps

Learn the Latest Fashion Apps that help me find styles in my Kloset. Read about Apps like: Trendabl, Polyvore, Covet, and Pose!
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What is my source of Inspiration? Read posts about what, who, and where I go for Inspiration.
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Social Glam

Learn the best fashion social accounts to follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more!
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Style Sites

Find a style site that will forever change the way you shop!
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My Kloset

Open my Kloset and explore some of my favorite looks! This page features my top 10 styles for the Fall Season!

Kentucky Derby Fashion

Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 4.56.20 PM

The Kentucky Derby this past weekend is not just a race. Well… maybe it is for some people but for me I see more. I see it as a time to break out Spring dresses patterned in pastels and find an elegant but yet elaborate hat. Though I am a Jersey girl, this day gives me my chance to channel my inner Southern Belle. Before I share my look I want to talk about some of the history hidden in the hats and dresses of Derby life.

The Hat: 
A symbol of Good Luck and a tr...

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Bold and Back

After a stressful finals weeks and enjoyable Christmas, I am returning to blog about some of my favorite holiday styles. This includes different brands of shoes, sweaters, accessories, and how can I forget my favorite…shoes! Everyone knows the hunt under the tree for the perfect outfit on Christmas is important. It is like showcasing your “new style” for the first time...

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My Top 10 Fall Fashions

Hope you  are inspired by my Top 10 Favorite Fall Fashions from my Kloset! 


10: Floral Forever:  Cream Knitted Jessica Simpson Sweater paired with  floral jeans and high heal tan boots


9: Brown Beauty: Layered Brown Ruffle Sweater with dark brown Carlos Santana Boots, and accented with a tan stretch belt and tan knit leg warmers


8:  Flannel Fun: Jean Flannel paired with black leggings, boots, and Jones of New York Reversible Vest


7: Leather Meets Leopard...

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Covet Fashion


Eighty designers coming together for a virtual style experience… How could I resist? After a week’s worth of exposure to posts regarding a new Fashion App called Covet, I decided to see for myself why fashionistas are calling this app the “ultimate” fashion experience. Always in search of ways to enhance the “looks” in my Kloset and share my trends with other fashion lovers, I decided to test it out.

Before I  downloaded the app I took the time to learn the  me...

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United By Blue

united by blueLast week I proved Serengetee, one of the nation’s largest grossing retailers, made a significant impact on the world through fashion. Exploring my Kloset this week, I came across my t-shirt designed by United By Blue. Working in retail this past summer at a surf shop called Brave New World exposed me to this well-known eco-friendly brand. Eco-friendy brands have been targeting the retail market for several years, but this brand is simply undeniable...

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Who is Wearing the World?

Hope everyone enjoyed the post about Serengetee featured yesterday! It is an unbelievable brand that inspires people around the world to support a cause. I found a great promotional video demonstrating different patterns worn by Serengetee fans  across the country. The clip also does an amazing job summarizing the journey and creation of the company. Remember when you “Wear the World. [YOU] Change the World”

Do you have any other fun videos featuring Serenget...

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How can you “Wear the World”


“Wear the World…Change the World” – Serengetee

Shopping is arguably not the first idea that comes to mind when you consider ways in which you can make an impact on the world. After all you may ask, “How can a purchase for myself, make a difference in someone else’s life?” There is an answer… and the answer is Serengetee. Serengetee has impacted my shopping experience and inspired pieces in my wardrobe...

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The #1 way to “Follow” Fashion

photo newest
Procrastination! I blame Sunday’s, and maybe some of you do too. Majority of my day is spent convincing myself I have plenty of time to lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes, take 2 hours to eat meals, and watch not 1 but 2 missed episodes to get my reality TV fix.  However, my day is incomplete if forget the main cause of my procrastination  … social media or what I refer to as “social glam.” I spend majority of my Sundays seeking new fashion ideas on Insta...
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Want to Learn more about Wanelo?

With this weeks feature social site being Wanelo, I desired additional information about the latest technologies and updates on the company. In my YouTube search I came across an informational and entertaining video with founder of Wanelo, Deena Varshavskaya. I loved hearing from the founder herself as her words speak louder than any available text...

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I WANT it…No I NEED it… I Just LOVE It



Not just a site, not just an app,  but a fun, reliable, and most importantly stylish fashion site  created for and by aspiring fashionistas like YOU!

 Deena Varshavskaya, CEO and founder of Wanelo, observed  and mastered a consumer’s thoughts during “the shopping experience...

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